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Life Continues

I planned to go to Cozumel with my homie for months. We booked an airbnb weeks in advance. We get to the airport and realizes he left his passport. Long story short, I went alone. Unexpected. The first trip I've ever taken alone. Heavily suggested. We are all on our own personal journeys through the river of source. And I feel, even if for brief moments, we row that boat alone. To experience ourselves, as us.



"As most know, Joshua Tree is filled with many lessons. How those messages are delivered come in many shapes & sizes. This one was rather a simple. Jump."

Ethereal  Frekweency

Ethereal FreKweency is the 3rd film in the Ethereal Trilogy. It is a the story of beings coming to Planet Earth to carryout a mission. Through space and time, they have traveled here as bringers of balance. Tuners of frequency.


Mostly in places deemed unbalanced and unworthy. In this film, laced with the frequencies of MovaKween, we find the answer in the Lyric. The girls leave their "hometown" of Baltimore, MD, USA and are called elsewhere to deliver a well timed message. Lyric, the angel, guides the other bringers of balance through a place of sunshine and shit-shows.. Beauty and destructive behavior.. Love and mental war.. Los Angeles, CA, USA, Planet Earth.


This was a fairly emotional video for me to make. For many reasons. The city left a stain on me thats gladly with me, forever. Every place feels like that for me. The love the memories made. The people I connected with. Life is the grand adventure we take for granted; focused on survival. We miss whats in front of us.

The Other Option

Heaven is a metaphor to us. As our communities food and thoughts have become threatened, it has allowed us to see what is most important, so clearly. When we are continuously being taken from, we start to look for things that can’t be taken away.. and it’s love.


We can’t stop smiling because that which has been taken or destroyed is only apart of our experience.. and what joy it is to be aware. The lost is not the totality of who we are, it was the motivation for us to become. We create heaven by keeping those we love closest to us and learning how to nourish ourselves and our tribe better. Recently we realized how black art is always trying to teach or persuade our community to reaching higher states of happiness. Sometimes that causes us to forget about the freedom of limitless creation. The freedom of displaying your happiness and that alone. So here is our heaven, our happiness.


Nothing more, nothing less, enjoy.

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"Life isn't supposed to be perfect.. it's supposed to be an adventure"

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